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Read on to see Eureka Survey insights on the relationship between podcast ads and the 30 second skip button

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Podcast Ads

Responses: 288

Audience: Listeners of 2+ hrs of podcasts per week

Time to complete: 27 minutes

Total cost: $550

The goal of this survey is to gather insights on podcast ads and write an intriguing content marketing blog post about the survey results.

Most podcast players have a 30 second skip button, so who actually listens to podcast ads when you’re a tap away from skipping them? Here’s what 288 avid podcast listeners had to say about it.

Eureka Surveys - research

Survey Insights

49% of people listen to
podcast ads

Eureka Surveys - research

The most popular ad format is a
candid message
from the podcast host

Eureka Surveys - research

Listeners of
News podcasts are
least likely to skip an ad

Eureka Surveys - research

See what each of these 288 podcast listeners think about podcast ads