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Read on to see Eureka Survey insights on how effective are Zoom breakout rooms for discussion and learning among college students.

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Eureka Surveys - research

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Zoom University

Responses: 303

Audience: College students

Time to complete: 47 min

Total cost: $350

The goal of this survey is to understand how college students feel and respond towards Breakout Rooms during virtual lectures and collected this data to help professors establish a more confident strategy in virtual group learning based on student preferences.

Since Breakout Rooms generally are not proctored, how much learning and discussion actually happen? Here’s what 303 college students had to say.

Eureka Surveys - research

Survey Insights

Zoom is 5x more popular than Google Hangouts for hosting lectures

Eureka Surveys - research

"No one likes breakout rooms. Everyone is nervous and awkward. One person seems to do more than the others, though."

Eureka Surveys - research

Private University students report Breakout Rooms to be
less awkward
than Public University students

Eureka Surveys - research

See what each of these 303 college students think about breakout rooms