Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eureka Surveys?

Eureka Surveys is a platform where members can earn money taking surveys. Eureka is free to join and we guarantee you $1 for your first survey! Eureka is currently only available in the United States.

What is a Sweepstake Survey?

Sweepstake Surveys are longer-form surveys that pay more and enter you into a cash sweepstake upon completion. Sweepstakes surveys are unlocked after completing three Quick Surveys.

Why am I not getting more surveys?

Our availability of surveys is constantly fluctuating. We will alert you when you qualify for new surveys, so be sure to fill out your profile and turn on device location and notifications! Tip: Monday through Friday afternoon and evenings are the best times to take surveys.

Why am I getting fewer surveys when I am close to cashing out?

Our survey matching algorithms are unaware of your current balance and what you are likely seeing is just a normal downtown in the availability of surveys.

What is the minimum cashout amount?

The minimum amount required to cash out is $10.

How do I cashout?

To cash out, simply press the Cashouts tab and select your preferred cashout method. After selecting your cashout method, you will be prompted to enter your email address. Most cashouts are instant, but some may take up to three business days to process for security purposes.

What are my cashout options?

We support gift card cashouts to over 70 of your favorite brands, as well as PayPal and direct deposit into your bank account.

How do I complete my Eureka profile?

To complete your profile, fill out all boxes on the Profile tab and turn on device location. Note that some profile attributes accept multiple answers.

Why was I disqualified from a survey?

Researchers and brands look for survey takers with specific qualifications or experiences. When you do not meet a survey's criteria, a survey may disqualify you. However, Eureka values your time and will still compensate you when you do get disqualified.

I was not rewarded after completing a survey.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you believe you are missing a reward after successfully completing a survey.

A survey forced me to exit and forfeit my reward.

Surveys are made by third-party providers and although we do our best to screen every survey for bugs, you may have found one. Please reach out to [email protected] if you continue to experience issues.

Why is my account locked or flagged as fraud?

Your account may be locked or flagged for fraud if you attempt too many surveys in a short window of time without being able to complete any. Please only enter surveys if you intend to complete them, or take a break before trying again! Additionally, please make sure you have device location turned on.