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Eureka Surveys - Research
Eureka Surveys - Research
Eureka Surveys - Research
Eureka Surveys - Research
Eureka Surveys - Research

How it works

Find the right audience to complete your survey with the ability to filter by 45 consumer demographics and custom qualification questions.
Create powerful surveys in our simple creation flow. Choose from multiple choice, checkbox, and free response question types.
Watch survey responses roll in within minutes of publishing. Extract insights with our rich data visualization tools and export results to images or csv.

Get insight you can trust in hours, not weeks.


No account managers, no contracts, no hassle. Sign up and get immediate access to our panel of consumers.

Quality Assured

Survey responses are analyzed with the latest Natural Language Processing algorithms to ensure the highest quality results.


The average survey of 250 responses is completed in under 30 minutes.

Stop guessing, start knowing

Get realtime feedback on current events, product ideas, and anything else consumers may have an opinion on.

Stimulus Checks

Responses: 286
Duration: 0h 46m

Chat Bots

Responses: 294
Duration: 0h 19m


Responses: 273
Duration: 0h 35m

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Demographic Options

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Political Views
  • More coming soon!

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